Harvest Moon Farm and Kennels Contract

We at Harvest Moon would first like to thank you for your purchase of one of our lovable/healthy puppies as you make an exciting addition to your family. We would like to provide you with some information about your new puppy (more can also be found in your New Puppy Packet).

All Harvest Moon females are OFA (Hip, Elbow), CERF (Eye) certified, and EIC, CNM clear. More information can be found on why these are important to you and the health of your new puppy and potential future generations in your New Puppy Packet.

In the interest of insuring your Harvest Moon Farm and Kennels puppy will be a healthy and happy addition to your family, we guarantee for 30 months against the above stated disorders, provided the puppy is not bred prior to OFA (Hip, and Elbow), and CERF (Eye) certifications at twenty-four months of age. You must notify us within 15 days of the x-ray if it indicates dysplasia and prior to any treatment.

Not included in this guarantee are illnesses from failure to vaccinate, any injuries, blastomycosis, eye color, adult size, coat coloration, or other physical characteristics. A veterinarian's verification of the condition (OFA certification required for Cardiac, Hip, and Elbow, and CERF certification for Eye) is required at your/owner's expense. We at Harvest Moon may require a second opinion.

In the unfortunate/unlikely event, that your puppy is determined to have any of the guaranteed disorders above, we at Harvest Moon will replace your puppy with another of similar quality. You may choose a puppy from a litter of higher value and apply your original purchase price toward the higher value puppy. A replacement puppy may be obtained up to three years from the date of diagnosis of the above guaranteed disorder with the original affected puppy. We at Harvest Moon will notify you/the owner of future whelps so you can determine if/when you are ready for a new puppy.

You/the owner are not required to return or put down the affected puppy as we understand and would never ask you to give up a member of your family. We require proof of spay or neuter from your Veterinarian prior to replacement. This is to insure no health issues are passed onto further generations. This guarantee is void if the ownership has been transferred or the dog has been used for breeding purposes.

A nonrefundable deposit is required for each puppy. The deposit will be applied to the purchase price at time of pick up and full payment. Check payment will be accepted for final payment 10 days prior to puppy pickup or cash payment on puppy pickup day. The same applies if no deposit because first payment is final payment.

We hope you enjoy your new puppy and that your experience with Harvest Moon has been a pleasant and meaningful first step in your new life together. We thank you again for your purchase and hope that you will keep us updated as your puppy progresses as a new member of your family.

Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened
~Anatole France

Harvest Moon Farm and Kennels